1.8M 6ft Inflatable Float Ball PVC Water Walking Ball Swimming Pool Play Toys For Outdoor Water Sports Maxload 150KG


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Material0.8MM PVC
Load weight150KG

1.After the person enters the ball, the balloon is sealed and inflated, and then placed on the water, the person can balance and run in the ball
2.The imported bulletproof high-strength polymer material has the characteristics of aging resistance,
3.Tensile strength and unbreakability.
4.Non-toxic and tasteless.
How to Inflate the ball:
Firstly, person get into the ball, and then pull the zip the ball in half, then use the blower to inflate the ball, at last, fully zip the ball.
but pay attention to inflatable can not be full, so as not to over-inflation caused by the explosion and damage to the product.
Product Maintenance: 
1. In order to ensure that your equipment to reach the normal service life, the ball within the safe load is 150 kg. Before opening and closing the zipper, mistakenly ensure that the slider pull along the zipper toothed direction, the zipper opening and closing speed should be controlled within 10-15 m / min, do not repeatedly open and close for a long time, after the zipper is used and cleaned, should be at Zipper teeth coated with a layer of beeswax film, beeswax can only be coated with external teeth, can not be painted inner teeth, in non-working state, the zipper should be open and preserved in the shade of the wax.
2. Visitors to play, you can not allow visitors to use hard objects in the equipment, doodle, so as not to damage.
3. Equipment damage can be damaged at the skin and make up the skin with the first treatment of water and then coated with special glue, glue after 5 minutes without sticky hands after heating bonding, appropriate squeeze, a few minutes can be used.
4. If in the wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, the device should be strictly prohibited to avoid accidents
5. Do cleaning, washing powder can be used to stains, grease wipe, and then scrub clean water, drying can be dried.
6. Folding the device should be folded along the zipper to avoid breaking the zipper.
7. If not for a long time, the clean equipment folded, bundled, packaged. Equipment should pay attention to Fang Zhu insects biting.
Package Included:
1x water walking ball
1. Where to use of the product, need to set up a platform frame, the ball into the water must have a smooth slope countertops, visitors in the ball through the slope stampede up and down the water.
2, the depth of the scene under the surface of the water depth of 60cm should be laid safety net; visitors must wear life jackets to play, to ensure safety and foolproof.
3, Each player in the ball each play no more than 2 people; due to the ball seal, visitors in the ball each time should be controlled within 10 minutes.
4, the zipper should be used within the safe number; the operator should always check the ball is intact and found that the problem should be repaired in time to continue to use.
5, the use of the process should be strictly controlled to avoid punctured hard-pointed objects; operators must inform visitors: Do not wear high-root shoes (to take off your shoes or wear a special shoe cover).
6, Each ball should be tethered to the safety rope, the operator should pay close attention to the scene and found abnormal, the use of safety ropes or other means to quickly pull the ball and the tourists to the shore to ensure the safety of personnel.
7, This product is equipped with special glue and materials for repair, when there are 3 cm below the damage, the user can repair themselves; 3 cm above recommended to professional institutions for repair.
8, inflatable method: visitors first into the ball, and then pull the zipper, the use of fans from the mouth of the mouth gas inflatable, but pay attention to inflatable can not be full, so as to avoid over-inflated inflation caused by damage to the product.
9, the zipper opening and closing should be parallel to the seam stretch, and avoid sand or other foreign objects embedded, so as not to damage the zipper; In addition, the zipper should be used often zipper economy, wax or soap smear zipper, so that can effectively extend the zipper service life.
10, the use of sealed zipper is limited, but found a zipper, please exchange the zipper.

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